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Explore Our Urban Forest

Learn about the trees in Tacoma comprising "One Canopy" and find the tree nearest you! Zoom and pan the map, use the search icon on the left to type in your address. Click on the trees, change the legend layer, or use the "Hub" to learn about the types of trees, size of trees, and more! To learn more visit the TreePlotter section in Resources.

The embedded webmap above is a tree inventory management software application referred to as TreePlotter™. TreePlotter™ is a SaaS platform created by PlanIT Geo™ to map and manage urban forests across the globe. Built on a web-based GIS platform and optimized for mobile use, this software for the City of Tacoma enables users to view tree-related information such as location, tree species diversity, and size distribution.


This application for the City of Tacoma enables the city to add, track, and manage tree data throughout the city's public areas (rights-of-way, parks, and facilities). It should be noted that this is not a complete data set and the tree points and attributes are ever changing as the city maintains the software application. Additional functionality and data such as tree condition and maintenance needs is provided to users with an account.

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