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Existing Urban Forestry Efforts in Tacoma

Tacoma has a long history of urban forest management policies, codes, and studies. The

first tree protection ordinance in Tacoma, and Washington State, was adopted in 1927 as

“9.18 Trees and Shrubs – Trimming and Removal”. This called for the protection of

Tacoma’s street trees growing in the right-of-way (see 9.18.030). From then, a number of

tree, vegetation, plant, and forest-related municipal codes have been added through a

long history of Tacoma ordinances. In addition to ordinances, the city has completed

various tree-related studies, plans, and assessments. The following provides the more

recent efforts:

1992: Urban Forest Management Plan

2010: Urban Forest Policy Element

2014: Urban Forest Manual

2015: Tacoma 2025

2016: Environmental Action Plan

2016: Right-of-Way Design Manual

2018: Tree Canopy Assessment

2019: Sample Tree Inventory

2019: Tacoma Mall Tree & Planting Site Inventory (public & private)

2019: Urban Heat Island Study

2019: Urban Forest Management Plan

2019: Tacoma Mall Strategic Urban Forest Action Plan

Contact the Urban Forestry Program at (253) 502-2138 or for more information about these policies, codes, and studies.

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