UFMP Project Components

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

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The Urban Forest Management Plan is a plan for all residents of Tacoma who share the benefits of One Canopy

Question/Comments? Contact the Tacoma Urban Forestry Program at (253) 502-2138 or trees@cityoftacoma.org

Community Meeting #3

View the presentation here

On December 3rd, City Council adopted Resolution No. 40492, the Urban Forest Management Plan. Implementation of this Plan began just a day later at the third and final community meeting for the Urban Forest Management Plan project. This meeting, held from 6:00pm to 7:30pm at the STAR Center's Discovery Space room, provided attendees with the outcomes of the Urban Forest Action Plan and incited action and engagement.

Including the City's Urban Forestry Program staff and the planning consultants, a total of 31 people were in attendance for the presentation. The presentation consisted of an overview of the planning process—from Phase 1 Research Summary and the Urban Forest Audit to Phase 2 Primary Framework—and provided a discussion on how the community's feedback supported the development of the Urban Forest Action Plan's strategies and actions. In addition, resources and opportunities for community engagement were discussed and the Executive Director of Tacoma Tree Foundation, Sarah Low, provided an overview of their program—just one of many ways to engage in enhancing Tacoma's urban forest.

The presentation provided on December 4th is available