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Supporting Studies & Maps

Tacoma's Tree Canopy Assessment

"Urban forestry can be defined as the art, science, and technology of managing trees and forest resources in and around community ecosystems for the physiological, sociological, economic, and aesthetic benefits trees provide to society." Helms, 1998

In 2018, the City completed a high-resolution urban tree canopy assessment for a better understanding of the extent of tree canopy and opportunities City-wide.

Land Cover Analysis

Citywide Tree Canopy Cover by Census Blocks

Tree Canopy Cover and Possible Planting Area by Land Use Type

The Nature Conservancy's "Outside our Doors" Report

"Natives of the Puget Sound region have witnessed a place that has changed dramatically in recent decades—in culture, economy, and nature. Today it is a place of contrasts.

This report presents a panoramic view of how our cities and towns benefit from nature—on the streets, next to schools and hospitals, outside our windows; everywhere people are, we can benefit from nature."

Written by Erin House, Caitlyn O'Connor, Kathleen Wolf, Ph.D.

Jessie Israel, Tashina Reynolds & Milepost Consulting

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