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Phase 2 Primary Framework - The Urban Forest Management Plan

Based on the Phase 1 Research Summary, the Urban Forest Management Plan was developed in Phase 2. This strategic action plan identified vital goals, strategies, targets, and actions to achieve higher levels of urban forest sustainability, management, and equity across the City of Tacoma.

Through the planning process, a vision for the plan and the City's urban forest was established:

One Tacoma. One Canopy: Tacoma’s trees are recognized as integral to the quality of life and human health for all City residents as well as for the City’s urban character and natural environments. A healthy, thriving, and sustainable urban forest remains a longstanding community priority and will be thoughtfully managed and cared for through a partnership with the City and it’s residents in a way to maximize a range of public benefits including a thriving ecosystem, a vibrant economy, and a livable community shared by all.

An overview of the Urban Forest Management Plan is provided below. For the full document, click here.

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