Community Survey Summaries

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

The first survey consisted of 21 questions focused on primarily gathering feedback regarding community viewpoints and perceptions relating to trees and the urban forest. The questions gathered information about the public’s opinion of current tree management performance, overall view on the health of the urban forest, important ecosystem benefits and services provided by trees, potential risks posed to the urban forest, and primary concerns regarding issues potentially caused by trees. Sociodemographic and geographic questions were also included to inform the analyses and subsequent surveys, meetings, and educational materials.

The first survey was released on August 26, 2019 and open until October 5, 2019. Online and printed copies were translated into the five most common non-English languages spoken in the City: Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Mandarin. These surveys were available online via SurveyMonkey and the City’s Urban Forest Management Plan website,

In addition to the online survey, 3,000 randomized addresses were generated across Tacoma’s five Councilmanic Districts and further randomized by land use (600 addresses per District) for printed mailings of the survey. This process included a reminder postcard sent two weeks after issuing the mailed survey. Recipients were offered the option to complete the mailed version or complete the survey online. Furthermore, hard copies of the survey were distributed at community meetings and lead-up events to Green Tacoma Day—distributed by Tacoma Tree Foundation and the Environmental Services Department—and also offered as requested. The City also utilized interns and AmeriCorps members to advertise the surveys at various locations across the Tacoma.

After closing the first round of community surveys, the data and summaries were exported from SurveyMonkey to complete more extensive analyses to inform the second round of surveys, community meetings, and strategies in this Plan. Completed hard copy surveys were manually entered into SurveyMonkey for analysis.

The second round of surveys consisted of seven questions pertaining to potential short- and long-term urban forestry strategies as well as the demographic and geographic questions provided in round one. Only an online version was offered this round and it was available from October 15, 2019 to October 30, 2019.

To incentivize survey responses for both rounds, all survey respondents not affiliated with the City were entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card to a Tacoma restaurant of their choice.

Though the surveys results are not meant to be a consensus of Citywide values, concerns, ideas, or questions relating to the City's urban forest and is not the sole source of information used to develop this Plan's vision, goals, and strategies, they do provide valuable input for consideration. Additional opportunities for feedback were available at the October and November community meetings and the round two survey which is scheduled to be completed after completion of this Phase 1 report.

Community Survey #1

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