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10/15/19 thru 10/30/19



Public Survey #2 (CLOSED)

Open thru 10/30/19 (not 10/23). Visit the "Surveys" page to participate and be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift card to a local restaurant of your choice! This is the second of two public surveys to inform the UFMP.

Public Survey #2 (CLOSED)

Time & Location

10/15/19 thru 10/30/19


About the Event

Click here to complete the survey and enter into a drawing to win a $50 gift card to a local restaurant of your choice!

One Tacoma, One Canopy: A strategic plan for Tacoma’s urban forest 

The urban forest is comprised of all the trees, shrubs, and other vegetation within parks, along streets, in private yards, on empty lots and in urban natural areas. In a sense, we are all part of “One Canopy”. The quality, health and connectivity of this urban ecosystem is a major contributor to the quality of life for residents of Tacoma. Caring for Tacoma’s urban forest is an important part of growing a sustainable, healthy and vibrant city. 

Our goal for Tacoma is to grow a healthy and sustainable urban forest that is properly managed and cared for. The urban forest will be equitably distributed across the city, providing equal access to green space for all citizens to enjoy the economic, social, and environmental benefits provided by a healthy and thriving urban forest. 

Your participation is crucial to the success of this project. This is the second of two survey rounds. The first round gathered information for a better understanding of community values and preferences about trees and to improve the city’s outreach and engagement efforts. This second survey takes a look at the community's viewpoints as it relates to the city's Urban Forestry Program operations and responsibilities. The results of these surveys will help guide the development of the city’s Urban Forest Management Plan. This survey considers your perception of public tree management—think street trees and parks, but also gathers viewpoints on private trees—trees on yours and your neighbor’s property.


But wait, there's more! Bring your ideas and expand on your survey responses at our community meetings scheduled for October 22nd and November TBD. Visit the Events page to learn more and stay tuned for additional information. 

If you're unable to complete the online survey form, contact the Urban Forestry Program at (253) 502-2138 or 

Thank you for participating!

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